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BOE Temp down-server file upgrade

Hello everyone! The server will be closing down for a few weeks so that we can upgrade our server files to ep7. No player datas will be lost during this process. The server will remain as is, but with ep7 features. (We will stil be an EP4.5)

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but as some of you are aware several servers were destroyed with OVH EU building fire. Our test server was one of those server, so now we will be testing on the live server.


For the most up to date information please visit our discord, and see announcements.


Thank you for your patience, and we will see you guys again, very soon.



Patch notes 14.02

-Lv 5 lapis drop increased mobs AZ/Stigma [1%]>>>[5%] Bosses [75%]>>>[100%]

-AZ/Stigma is connected PvP zone once again, this time with curse of goddess debuff.

-CS Mobs drop Lapisa increased [20%]>>>[30%]

-Flash/sonic drop rate increased [5%]>>>[10%]

-Added Farm bags to Pando/Lan mobs [8%] on lower mobs, [10%], [12%] and [15%] on highest level mobs Farm bag drops: FC2 [35%], Rec rune [5%], FC3 [3%], 1DP [3%], L Extract hammer [15%], LH7 [15%], Lv4 lapis [15%], Dread weapons/ gear lv46 [10%]

-Helm lapis drop from jungle Tiamatt bosses [5%]>>increase to [10%]

-Helm lapis drop from mini bosses new map increased from [10%] >>> to [20%]

-Increased pirate spot drop of FC3 from [9%]>>to [15%]

-Adjusted Enchant rates. Should be closer to the rates posted in game. (Not an exact %)

-Added 150 slot raid -58 gear pieces now 6k kill points each in webmall

-Added OPs to GRB mobs at [1%]

Saturday events

Today 2 PM server time we'll host naked pvp event!

Rules: Gears, costumes not allowed, shield lvl 1, your main weapons + accs + capes allowed!

9 PM server time we'll have MM capital event!

Weekly Event List

- Saturday 3 PM server time PvP + MM in jungle

- Sunday 11 AM PvP with generals in dd1 oasis


Hope you all enjoy them, see you there!

Shaiya BoE Grand Opening!

12 Server time! See you in a few hours!!

Shaiya BoE 1.29.2021

Shaiya BoE Opening 1.29.2021!

Opening Date is now 29 Jan!

Opening 1 day sooner than previously Announced!

Why should YOU join Shaiya BoE?

-This server is ran by a single owner, who only runs THIS server.

-This server uses a Hyperfilter host, one of the better/fastest/stable/best DDOS protected Hosts you can get

-The owner does not own/run/put up or dev for multiple servers at once.

-Don't waste your time on those other servers that are putting up their 10th or 15th server under new names! You know the ones!

-This server is balanced for donators and farmers. Purely donation items are strictly cosmetic (appearance only)

-This server has many of the same features that those other P2W servers have, but WITHOUT the P2W.

-DP/Fortune coins will drop in game and be easily farmable!

-Exp rate x60

-We have many great features such as:

-150 slot raids

Costumes/weapon costumes

Custom maps/ content

Updated graphics

Custom skills (Soul burn, passive movement skill for +1 movement speed, custom ranger skills)

Auto loot pickup

Instant mounts


Valour points system-earn points/ rewards for getting kills in pvp

Enhanced account protection/security on website-lock account to your IP

EVERYTHING farmable in game

Custom interface

Max lapis is duals/ 5S on launch!

Custom teleport (battlefield move) system

Custom bosses


NO GM sets, Links, RRS, etc

Custom AntiCheat

Plus much, much, more!

Visit us at Shaiya BoE.com!

Join out discord! See what we are all about!

Have suggestions? We take those too!